Friday, March 23, 2012

Installment #7 – Exterior Trim

In 1969, aluminum and rubber strips were mounted on the exterior below both door openings on Porsche 911S and E models.

My 912 was delivered with this exterior trim feature, which you can see in the photo at left.

I didn’t know when I bought the car, but this trim feature, and other features not known until much later, was hard evidence that my 1969 912 Porsche was built on a Karmann 911S or E chassis.

While the car was sitting in my garage for about 25 years, I saw several 1969 and later Porsches with thin aluminum strips around the front and rear wheel openings.  

These strips serve as accent trim for the flared wheel well openings that first appeared on the 1969 models.  

My 912 didn’t have them and I thought they would look nice on my white 912, too.

While discussing the Porsche 912 rehabilitation project with Kevin Mentzer at Automotive Innovations and Restorations in Van Nuys, California, I asked if he could find and install this wheel opening accent trim on my 912.  He made no promises, but smiled and said, “Let me see what I can do.”  

When he called several months later to let me know his work was done, he had also installed the aluminum wheel opening accent strips.